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Soap Saver/Exfoliator

Soap Saver/Exfoliator

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Our soap exfoliating bag is well made and will not break easily. Just soak in water before using! Don't share the soap bag with others, and it's best to change it every 4 weeks, just like a towel. With drawstring design, you can simply hang the soap bag on the bathroom wall and the soap can dry quickly.

  • Material: manufactured with natural sisal, suitable for producing foam and lathering soap, further releasing the fragrance of the soap
  • Size: the bag is designed with proper size in height and width, the proper size to hold most soaps
  • Instruction: put a bar of soap inside the bag and pull tight the drawstring, which can be hung on the hook
  • The way to prolong soap-life: for drying the soap quickly to make it last longer, you could hang your soap with the bag after use


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