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Scar Spray

Scar Spray

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Fade and heal scars: This spray is specially formulated to help fade and improve the appearance of scars from injuries, surgeries, burns, stretch marks, C-sections and more. It can be used on any type of scar, old or new.


Moisturize and protect skin: This spray creates a breathable layer that increases skin moisture, protects scar tissue and balances the skin growth process. It helps restore skin health, firmness and elasticity.


Gentle and safe formula: This spray contains allantoin extract, a natural ingredient that soothes and heals skin. It is gentle and safe for all skin types and ages. It does not cause irritation or side effects.


Easy to apply and absorb: This spray is convenient and easy to use. Just spray it on the affected area twice a day and massage gently until absorbed. It does not leave any residue or stain on clothes. Shake gently before use. Allow to air dry.

Disclaimer: Please note that it may take as little as 4 weeks for new scars and for 4-8 weeks old scars! 

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